AGOPOLIS is a decentralized music & social networking platform, powered by utility token-based smart contracts for transactions. The platform provides groundbreaking innovations for its citizens to connect across the world in real time, while providing independent music & vocal artists of all genres a much needed solution for self-exposure.

Blockchain-based KYC System

The system we built is a network of nodes with strict privacy rules and protection from copying or changing the information.

Sports memorabilia verification system

We created a tracking and verification system which verifies sports memorabilia authenticity.

Gold mining corporation

Adoriasoft created a tracking, accounting and auditing system for gold mining process. The blockchain technology is used at all stages – from prospecting to ingot production.

Blockchain-based open banking API

Adoriasoft was requested to develop a common API for multiple European banks. Via such an API, all participating banks can aggregate data and perform direct payments with a smart token.

Cryptocurrency exchange

Adoriasoft is working on building a cryptocurrency exchange for trading crypto derivatives and Bitcoin futures.