The Power of AR and VR

View the world through powerful eyes with augmented and virtual reality. AR and VR alter how we see our reality, driving the future of imagery and camera technology. 

The use of AR and VR is growing exponentially, from simple graphics on moving images to the creation of full 3D environments. Lead your industry into the future by leveraging the power of altered reality in your sector.

Augmented Reality

To alter the way your reality is perceived is to augment it. Using images from smart device cameras, AR programs can add layers of meaning and information to what you see. AR can detect its environment and analyse what it sees, allowing the user to interact with it. 

The industrial applications are myriad:

  • Crisis and military training
  • Cataloguing image led data such as clothing 
  • Quality control scanning in factories
  • Product placement demonstrations
  • Layering plans and maps over landscapes

Along with many more.


Virtual Reality

Create complete worlds with virtual reality. Immerse users in a space with different rules or altered states. Whole objects are created in VR worlds, surrounded by environments controlled by a powerful program. 

Requiring more computing power, VR is less used but no-less useful in real-world applications. Use VR for:



AR and VR at Adoriasoft

Adding AR or VR solutions to your software is a finishing touch that will bring your business to life. Whether you want to use your machine learning algorithm to identify products with AR or leverage your blockchain solution to create unique datasets for your virtual world, Adoriasoft will take on the challenge. 

Our expertise in blockchain allows us to push the boundaries of reality and possibilities. Task us with creating AR and VR solutions to store on blockchains. Ask us to use environmental sensors to catalogue rich visual sources to feed into your AI systems. 

We will enrich your applications with user-friendly interfaces. Powerful tools will be created to present elegant and simple apps for your team or your clients to use. 

We work with:

  • Innovating blockchain solutions for your AR needs
  • Extracting and feeding in visual data for AI/ML
  • WebAR to give cloud-based access to AR/VR

Applying AR to construction and engineering

AR works on three axes of position and three of orientation, allowing for realistic and accurate placement of a device in the lived world. Understanding how to change that world is the job of engineers and architects. 

An AR package for the construction industry will allow real-world visualisation of plans. Spaces can be created and moved with only the initial investment in the software. 

Within the construction sector, AR can be used to:

  • Take measurements of spaces in initial surveys
  • Assess materials in the proposed working space
  • Display plans over a real-time image during a site visit
  • Make alterations in situ and track changes into 2D images
  • Allow for accurate calculations in non-standard build spaces
  • Cataloguing diverse supplies on site to feed into a resource database

Applying VR to medicine and healthcare

Training healthcare professionals is a balance between patient safety and providing sufficient experience. Bringing VR tools into medical training negates the need for human practice until virtual testing is completed. 

Different scenarios can be programmed, offering variables such as pared back equipment, different health conditions, and poor lighting. Allow consummate professionals opportunity to rehearse complicated procedures on virtual patients with realistic physical responses. 

Using VR in a health and medical setting means you can:

  • Train doctors, nurses, and technicians without risk to patients
  • Offer lifelong learning and skill diversification
  • Present rare conditions and side-effects to ensure broad knowledge
  • Improve diagnostics by combining AI with virtual patient simulations
  • Design better, more efficient clinical spaces with visualisations and doctor input

Leverage AR/VR in your development

You don’t have to accept reality. As a business working to make a difference, you can create a world you want to see and drive innovation in your sector. 

With Adoriasoft, you will have a partner committed to merging technologies tailored to your needs. Bringing together advanced technologies like blockchain and AI/ML with augmented and virtual reality will take your organisation to the leading edge of its industry.

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