Big Data


Every company produces data, and lots of it. Through your website, automated processes, and transaction history you have the ability to fully map out your business. 

Processing big data that you generate needs a keen eye and a deep understanding. 

We facilitate the use of your big data through:

  • Processing. Take your data out of slow, onsite databases and harness cutting edge technology to bring out readable results.
  • Analysis. Read between the lines of the information being produced and understand where to drive change in your business.
  • Predictions. Use big data to accurately predict where your business is going and what your customers are looking for.
  • Visualisations. Change numbers into readable, user-friendly charts and presentations to enable strong business decisions.
  • Data warehousing. Keep the big data your gather secure and ready to go at a moment’s notice with big data storage solutions.

Adoriasoft’s big data solutions

Adoriasoft works with business to bring about change using fresh technologies. We harness systems and ideas such as:



To elevate your business to the next level mixing these skills with the potential of big data gives your business a leading edge on the competition.

Partner with Adoriasoft

Experience tells us that new technology drives profits and makes a business truly adaptable and nimble in competitive markets.

Adoriasoft will be your technology-led partner, joining your digital journey at whichever point you need. You will see a reduction in costs with the end product we deliver and the continuing support available.

Our expertise in developing bespoke solutions for companies harnessing technology will produce big data systems to future-proof your business.



Adoriasoft’s solutions

Big data encompasses many facets. Adoriasoft will audit your business, data streams, and strategic goals in order to design tailor-made solutions.

We work across different industries to introduce the principles of distributed ledgers, AI, and big data into businesses. 

Data collection

Your business produces data; more than you can feasibly handle. A tech-led manufacturing company will have data about production capacity, efficiencies, machine productivity, factory down-time, and logistics schedules. 

This information can be used to iron out pain points, maximize outputs, and realign delivery and pickup schedules. 

Any business that uses IoT, resource planning, or even social media will have large streams of data that needs to be collected and rationalised. We will work to understand what information is important to your business and have it on hand when needed. 

Data storage

The security of your data is paramount. As well as being commercially sensitive, you have legal obligations to maintain your records securely. 

As an eCommerce company, you collect valuable data about the customers you serve, their behaviors, and their demographics. Keep this information secure, in a cost-effective way will make your business more efficient. 

Moving the storage of your big data over to cloud solutions will maintain the integrity of the information as well as allowing it to be processed much more efficiently. 

Processing and analyzing data

Getting the most out of the data you produce is where the real value is added. As a fintech company, you will have reams of information about your customers, their likes, and their spending patterns. 

By understanding the value of this data and analyzing it accurately, you can build a prediction engine to offer the right add-ons and partner products to your customers. 

Knowing what is going on in your business now will drive it forward based on solid information. 

Consumption and visualization

Big data analysis produces a lot of reports. In your digital media agency, you will know how engaging it is to have visuals for the information you present. 

Harness the information within your social media feeds and client and customer engagements and bring them to life with data visualization. Have clear information ready for your client briefings and go into pitches armed with your big data visualizations. 

Making the insights you glean from big data analysis will set your apart from your competition. 

Analyzing big data

Big data can be leveraged to tell you what’s going on in your business, accurately see where the business is going, and offer insight into future strategy.


Adoriasoft will provide:

  • Descriptive analytics. You will understand where the business is at; pain points, productivity levels, optimum timing for social media actions.
  • Predictive analytics. Powered by AI and ML, your big data source will be used to spot future trends and predict market movements.
  • Prescriptive analytics. Focus on achieving your business strategy using the data you have to plot a course forward.

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