Agopolis is an innovational tokenized network for young, aspiring musicians. The main purpose of the Agopolis network is to create the platform for young talented people to grow and become known in show business circles without the need of any agents or promoters and with minimum bureaucracy.

Technology Stack


  • Ethereum


  • React Native


It works as social network where members can post their tracks directly, other users can support their favorite musicians, and businesses can run their promotion campaigns in a virtual space. The network creates the conditions for mutually beneficial direct cooperation between musicians and businesses.


business needs

The goal of the Agopolis project is to tokenize the relationship between musicians and their fans and to allow free and borderless communication between people of similar tastes and mindset. Agopolis will allow musicians to get popular quicker and at a lower cost.


Adoriasoft took over the creation of the ICO website, mobile app, blockchain infrastructure. At the same time, our experts also consulted the startup on marketing matters and tokenomics. When the Agopolis project is launched, it will allow musicians to promote themselves without recording labels and managers. With such a platform, users will get the possibility to support their favorite musicians financially. Together with the blockchain platform, the project includes the creation of Agopolis Foundation that is going to be partially financed via the Agopolis platform. The foundation is intended to take part in global charity projects and to support the evolution of the only universal language – music.

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