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Our cooperation with IDF Connect dates back to 2016 when Richard Sand, its CEO, reached out to us via UpWork which we used actively at that time. Richard was about to start developing his solution – Web server plugin for a Single Sign-On app. The app was designed for the fintech industry, and is now used by one of the top 5 US banks.

We studied the problem that the product was meant to resolve thoroughly and committed ourselves to its development. What started as a one-time contract became long-term cooperation that lasted three years.

During these three years, many expert teams of Adoriasoft worked with IDF Connect. We provided our professionals to solve certain tasks that were assigned to the team. This case study describes different technology stacks that we used and the platforms on which the solutions were built.

Single-Sign-On Rest

IDF Connect is an authentication solution that was primarily intended for the banking industry and other fintech institutions. The application is a complex set of networking and cryptography technologies enabling a highly secure access management system. The web application is designed as an additional security layer managing the users’ access to their admin interfaces and ibuilts to support all types of servers (IIS, Apache and Nginx).

By implementing the web version of IDF Connect, fintech businesses obtain an additional security mechanism validating the traffic from the user’s browser and the server, thus preventing any unauthorized access and outside attacks.

The IDF Connect solution is used in some of the top banks of the US and is considered by other financial institutions. The redesign of the product landing page that was done by the Adoriasoft design team contributed to the client’s success at the presentation of their security solution.
The product is an optimal solution for businesses requiring a custom authentication mechanism and prohibiting publicly available ones.

Single-Sign-On Key

IDF Connect authentication tools were designed for use in the fintech sector enabling secure and effective access control. The mobile IDF Connect app provides a second authentication factor by generating a one-time access code after validating the user’s login and password.

The password generation feature was created in compliance with the RFC-6238 standard for time-based one-time passwords increasing the access security.
In addition to the authentication function, IDF Connect can be used as an account management application storing the passwords for multiple services.

The mobile app is an effective tool of multi-factor authentication which is now a must for most applications handling sensitive data. The banking and finance sector are especially susceptible to attacks, thus for them a reliable MFA mechanism is critical.

The IDF Connect app is an optimal solution for businesses requiring a custom authentication mechanism and prohibiting publicly available ones. The implementation of advanced password generation algorithms places IDF Connect among the recommended tools for highly secure enterprises, such as banking institutions.

IDF Connect website

The website redesign was required for a presentation of the IDF Connect business and its products. It needed to showcase all signature solutions that the company offered and provide an easy and intuitive user flow.

The IDF Connect website was created within the specified deadline and corresponded to all requirements of the client. The expert web design and effective tools used in the development resulted in a sleek and elegant web page appearance and efficient performance.


The projects that we completed together with IDF Connect required a wide technology stack covering various products of our client. This is another example of Adoriasoft’s creativity in choosing and using technologies that are mere instruments in skilled hands.

Single-Sign-On Rest:
Single-Sign-On Key:
UIKit Framework
Core Data
IOS Core

IDF Connect website:


In three years when Adoriasoft worked side-by-side with IDFConnect. We created two software products and built a new website for the company:

Single-Sign-On Rest
It is a complex security and access management project including a web application for user verification. Adoriasoft participated in its development by creating the components enabling the support of different web servers.

Single-Sign-On Key
We built an iOS mobile MFA application generating one-time access codes after the user provides their login and password.

IDF Connect website
Provided a team of experienced web designers to completely redesign a website for the security products developed by IDFConnect.

This project is a perfect illustration of our ability to build strong, long-term relationships with our clients and complete any tasks that are assigned to us, no matter how complex and challenging. For more information, feel free to contact us.

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