Blockchain for Enterprises

Unlock the true power
of blockchain

1. What is enterprise blockchain?

Today, blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies stepped far beyond cryptocurrencies and ICOs. Their true power is in the vast opportunities for enterprise solutions - private scalable networks enabling faster, more cost-effective and secure processing. Blockchain can host entire corporate ecosystems bringing all routine processes to a totally new level of efficiency.


2. How can your enterprise benefit from using blockchain?

  • Higher efficiency. Distributed networks allow much faster transaction processing that requires little to no human intervention
  • Data consistency. In blockchain, data is shared between multiple nodes which makes synchronization and reconciliation necessary
  • Increased security. Enterprise blockchains are usually private with access granted by permission. In addition, with no central node, the network is much more resistant to outside attacks
  • Cost-effectiveness. Blockchain-based networks have much lower maintenance costs than traditional ones due to the absence of the usual central management node and high degree of automation
  • Trust and transparency. In a blockchain network, processes are much less bureaucratic and much more straightforward, which creates increased trust and leads to additional cost savings

3. Where can you implement
enterprise blockchain solutions?



4. What can we do to help you build an enterprise blockchain solution?

  • Analyse the existing business processes and identify business goals and challenges
  • Analyse the existing infrastructure to enrich with distributed application
  • Design distributed apps choosing the technologies corresponding
    to the particular business requirements
  • Create dApps supporting the business infrastructure
  • Recommendations on updating the infrastructure to support distributed application
  • Development of the complete blockchain solution and its maintenance
  • Consult your team on network support and maintenance


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