We are proud to announce that Adoriasoft has officially joined ​Hyperledger as a General Member. We see this as a great challenge and a great opportunity at the same time. The Hyperledger membership means joining a community of world technology leaders to build the ecosystem and collaborate on distributed ledger projects of various sizes and purposes. 

We are fully aligned with Hyperledger’s focus on building open-source blockchain technologies. “It is the right time for distributed ledgers to become an integral part of a variety of business IT solutions considering their well known advantages and benefits,” says Volodymyr Kostanda, CEO of Adoriasoft. “For us as a blockchain R&D provider, it’s crucial to join the Hyperledger and Linux Foundation communities to share ideas, contribute to the ongoing development efforts of Hyperledger technologies and support the ecosystem by bringing in our previous expertise and background in science-intensive DLT and cryptography spaces. Moreover, we are launching a blockchain education initiative and it is important for us to hear the community. We consider it the right strategic step.” 

We see Hyperledger as an industry standard and a platform for building new-generation enterprise solutions in tandem with global leaders in several industries. The Hyperledger community is a great place to work along with other blockchain minds and engineering teams and share ideas and experience. 

In joining Hyperledger, we are bringing with us the consulting and engineering expertise we have accumulated over the years in such industries as fintech, healthcare, and supply chain. Our team has extensive experience with several Hyperledger projects, including Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Iroha, and the new Hyperledger Besu. As a member, we are going to earn Hyperledger certifications that will become another sign of recognition of our professional excellence. 

We are looking forward to participating in the Hyperledger projects as engineers and consultants, as well as contributing to the global popularization and adoption of Hyperledger.