Distributed Ledgers and Apps

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Why do you need us to build a distributed app for you?

If you need a distributed app to create a secure and efficient software solution, look no further. Adoriasoft engineers design and build private and public dApps of any size, complexity and application. If you are only planning to build a distributed application or thinking of enhancing your existing infrastructure - we can do it for you.

As early blockchain adopters and innovators, we can suggest the most effective DLT solutions that would serve the goals of your business and grow together with it. Based on your requirements, we can build a secure and highly scalable app designed to fit your business specifics. 

We can create a public dApp or a private dApp for internal enterprise use. The use of state-of-the-art blockchain technologies, implementation of the most advanced scientific innovations and thorough testing guarantee superb performance and security of our distributed apps.

We focus on high-end distributed apps on top of the following technologies:


How can we help you to build a custom dApp?

  • dApp consulting and business analysis
  • Architecture design and creation
  • UX design to create the most effective user experiences and achieve high usability and effectiveness
  • Creation of custom distributed apps including the selection of the optimal blockchain platform for dApp development
  • Integration of a distributed app into the existing infrastructure
  • Development of smart contract for the distributed application
  • dApp testing, launch, support, and maintenance
  • Planning and implementation of effective marketing campaigns for dApps



Where can you use distributed apps?


What can you achieve with a distributed app?

  • Trust and transparency of peer-to-peer transactions
  • Constant availability due to the absence of a central server that may fail or require maintenance
  • Higher security due to no single point of attack
  • Integration opportunities due to high compatibility of dApps
  • High scalability via the network expansion
  • Censorship resistance due to the lack of any central entity


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