How Does ICO Work? : FAQ about ICO, Part 1 [Infographic]

With the quickly growing popularity of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, we cannot help but start exploring this new world that nobody heard of even a decade ago. We may ignore it…

Adoriasoft at BlockchainUA Fintech Conference 2018

BlockchainUA Fintech Conference Previously, we told you about our visit to AWS DevDay in Kyiv, today we are going to tell you about another interesting event, blockchain-related, that we had…

Internet of Things: The History of the IoT Universe [Infographic]

Despite the word “Universe” in the title, there was no Big Bang to announce the beginning of IoT. Its history is better described as hundreds of small streams and trickles…

Top 5 Of the Biggest Web Design Trends 2018 You Should Definitely Try

The Hottest 2018 App and Web Design Trends: Expert Predictions Nowadays, we can see a rapid growth of the internet community. Important to realize, that a huge number of websites…

How to Launch Successful Initial Coin Offering

Based on a true story If you want to know how to launch an initial coin offering and come through it with flying colors, we have a story for you….

Staying Up-to-Date: Adoriasoft Visited AWS DevDay in Kiev

Adoriasoft was lucky to attend AWS DevDay in Kyiv, an astonishing event aimed at both beginning and experienced developers.

Ethereum Smart Contracts: What’s In It For Your Business?

Ethereum smart contracts seem to be the talk of the town among tech professionals from all around the globe – and for good reason. Not only can they improve security and reduce operational costs for many businesses, but also boast exceptional accuracy and autonomy. Find out all the ins and outs of ethereum smart contracts, and learn why you might be missing out if your business is not yet using them.

10 Tried-and-True Approaches to Mobile Apps Monetization

If it occurs to you that your life is somewhat dependent on a mobile phone and mobile apps it has, you’re far from alone. Some of us can’t imagine a…

How to Promote Mobile Apps (Ultimate Guide from Adoriasoft)

Have an idea in mind to create a successful mobile app? Before jumping into development you should first think thoroughly about how to promote mobile apps. You definitely want your…

Top 10 Word Card Games for Mobile Devices

People love to play games. Actually, it’s a well-documented fact. Games come in all forms and shapes. There are table games, video games, VR games, mobile games, and games to…

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