Keeping up to date means following the news, attending different professional events and sharing ideas that may seem unbelievable at first with others. Adoriasoft was lucky to attend AWS DevDay in Kyiv, an event aimed at both beginning and experienced developers. The main topics covered at this conference were Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Analytics, and Compute. These are modern advancements that will soon become a new reality, so our team was pleased to see how the things will work in future. Key speakers at AWS DevDay delivered engaging comprehensive reports on the topics mentioned above. Also, they gave illustrations with features AWS can provide programmatically or directly from the web console. Moreover, organizers encouraged everyone to exchange their thoughts.

AWS DevDay conference Adoriasoft

Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning - AWS DevDay

A lot of time at AWS DevDay was devoted to such an important and captivating theme as Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning. Speakers informed the audience about the following topics: Lex, Amazon Polly, and Rekognition.

Amazon Lex

Conference attendees were glad to find out details about Amazon Lex. It is a service for building conversational interfaces into any application using voice and text. Nowadays, more and more developers use automatic speech recognition for converting speech to text. And natural language understanding to identify the intent of the text. Amazon Lex provides developers with the possibilities to create sophisticated, natural language, conversational bots and to build them into various applications. These amazing possibilities really impressed Adoriasoft representatives. And also feel confident about their abilities to apply these features in their applications.

Amazon Polly

Another prominent product that deals with text and speech processing is Amazon Polly. It gives an opportunity to develop applications that can talk in different languages. Moreover, the synthesized speech will sound like a human voice. Although it may seem weird now, more and more applications will be able to talk like humans in the nearest future.

Amazon Rekognition

Image identification, which seemed to be a fantasy several decades ago, now becomes widely used due to the Amazon Rekognition service. Visual search and image classification are fabulous features that can be added to applications. It is necessary, in order to enable them to detect objects, scenes, and faces, and even to compare them. Like in sci-fi films, we will be living in the world where our everyday objects. For instance, fridges will be able to help us in everything. For example, they will remember what we have brought and what we need to buy. Machine Learning technology is facilitated by the Amazon Machine Learning. It gives different tools to guide developers of all levels, through the process of creating machine learning models.

Internet of Things - AWS DevDay

internet of things

Internet of Things (IoT) is a way to make the gap between the physical and digital world smaller. The three main components of the IoT are things, Internet, and connectivity. As Amazon services also deal with this subject, the participants of the AWS DevDay learned more about AWS Greengrass. Aimed at working with local data, AWS Greengrass allows you with running local compute, messaging and data caching. Moreover, it can help with sync capabilities for connected devices in a secure way.

Analytics - AWS DevDay

The pleasurable speech devoted to Kinesis represented the topic ‘Analytics’. Amazon Kinesis is a brilliant service that helps you work with data in various ways. It makes the process of collecting, processing, analyzing and streaming your data in real time. The greatest advantage of using Amazon Kinesis is the fact that it lets you process and analyze data as it arrives. As a result, instead of waiting for the collecting of your data, you can process the data on the go. In addition, Kinesis also offers the flexibility to select tools that best meet the requirements of applications.

Computing - AWS DevDay

Amazon Lambda

Another composite topic discussed at the conference was computing. Particularly, it was serverless Amazon Lambda. This is a service to work with coding. You do not have to provision or manage servers when you run code with AWS Lambda. The only thing you have to do is upload your code for Lambda to run and scale it. Also, you are not charged when your code is not running, so you pay only for the time that you consume.

It was absolutely delighting for delegates of Adoriasoft to speak with Amazon Web Services representatives directly. It was the best way to continue learning about new products and services, to maintain the development and to exchange experience with the community. It’s always worth visiting such progressive events if you want to follow the trends and to stay involved in the process of creating new technology. By the way, previously, we told you about our visit to Oslo Innovation Week conference. We will keep on actively implementing the knowledge in our new products and applications, thus making incredible future come nearer as soon as possible.