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In the past, hardware and custom software development were two separate projects with completely different scopes of required skills. Today’s hardware needs specific custom software development, in order to function, regardless the board code of remote interface. Previously, we’ve told you about the 7 ‘Yes’ to IoT software development

The combination of hardware and software as a key to modern startups success is based on the four main trends. Today, we are going to tell you about them. So, here they are:

1. Sensors and wearables

A new Apple Watch still looks like a toy. However, it is only a tip of an iceberg. A novelty that was more like an experiment has become the hottest sector of IT. As long as every country of the world is trying to manage growing costs of the public health, medical workers and companies want to switch to real-time medical data collection via sensor devices in order to improve the medical decisions speed.

The development of medical information processing algorithms is going to be the main task for software developers of most companies which want to succeed in the healthcare sector. What is more, it is very important to provide a correct visualization of the data for its maximum affordability and comprehensibility to a user.

While the technologies of wearables and sensors are more about hardware devices, custom software developers create apps and online services to provide good assistants for clients.

2. Mobile thinking

This is about today’s raise of Pokemon Go and mobile messengers converce (conversational commerce) trend. Almost everybody nowadays uses their smartphone GPS more than just to navigate during a travel.

When there used to be only Bluetooth phones on the market, advertisers tried to use SMS campaigns channel. However, this technology hasn’t succeeded much particularly because of its weak personalization options along with its obtrusiveness. The situation is different now. Whatever mobile apps are: navigational, social or gaming ones – everybody has access to mobile gadget GPS and interact with its data.

One of the most notable real-time mobile thinking examples are retailers who have implemented the iBeacons technologies in their shops for navigating a customer inside in order to display personalized ads of the most viewed sections. It can still become even more irritating than SMS-marketing been out of proper optimization.

3. Analytic records

The appropriate analytics is essential to the success of any project. A developer wouldn’t be able to interview each visitor in order to be sure if a website is optimized enough. Thus, innovative analytical tools can greatly simplify solving this task:

  • Form Analytics is about to measure the time a user spends in order to fill in specific form fields. This lets to identify where and when a user has declined to submit a form. What is more, it is possible to catch the exact fields which were difficult for him to be sure what to enter.
  • Heatmaps are a technology of tracking mouse clicks and scrolls.
  • Session Tracking shows an actual user activity on a website unlike the average one via heatmaps. This helps to actually see the specific user’s sessions on the website.

There is the absolutely enormous amount of commercial marketing SaaS for these tasks. However, in order to meet certain business objectives, the tool has to be initially developed with the use of Agile and according to a specific request.

4. Private life as a sacrifice

It’s a common fact that any personal information is no more private nowadays. Thus, it’s still very specific to have a positive and not negative result of using certain technologies. Moreover, there is always going to be a conflict between private life and technical progress. The major business rule of collecting user’s information is the transparency of the process. A project should guarantee the legal demand of certain information and have user’s approval of the collection.

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