Assets Tokenization

Make your assets digital
through tokenization

1. What is tokenization?

Tokenization means representing the ownership rights on any property in the form of digital tokens.


2. What can you gain by tokenizing your assets?

  • Higher liquidity. Breaking the asset value into individual tokens raises its liquidity. The tradability and accessibility of tokens is much higher than that of the actual assets making token transactions much easier for users and and less bureaucratic therefore making markets more attractive.
  • Fractional investment opportunities. With tokenization, you attract investors who are not interested in purchasing large shares of your asset due to their high cost but can invest in one or several easily affordable tokens.
  • Tradability. Tokens purchased by the investors become instruments of trade, similarly to shares.
  • Accessibility. Digital tokens can be acquired much faster and easier than traditional shares. This feature makes tokenized assets more attractive to potential investors.
  • Cost-efficiency. The technology behind tokenization allows reducing the management costs significantly, mostly, due to the absence of intermediaries.
  • Automation. The distributed ledger technologies used in asset tokenization make many operations automated reducing the time and costs required to process the transactions.
  • Transparency. The conversion of the asset value into digital tokens makes further asset management and control transparent and easily verifiable.
  • Global reach. Tokenization makes assets accessible regardless of the investors’ geographic location.

3. What can you tokenize?



4. How can we help you tokenize your assets?

  • Business analysis to determine your business goals and outline
    the solutions
  • Research of the suitable protocols and token standards to select those that suit your business goals
  • Project design and planning to identify solution components, choose the technology stack and evaluate the project timeline
  • Tokenization platform development including tokens, smart contracts, and user accounts
  • Implementation of security measures including KYC / AML procedures, identity management solutions, data protection mechanisms


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