Blockchain Core R&D

We turn your ideas
into working solutions

1. What is blockchain core?

Blockchain core is the infrastructure that lays the foundation for any distributed network. It is related to blockchain protocols, consensus algorithms, and the blockchain network architecture.

2. Why you might need our core
blockchain development services?

We can help your theoretical concept shape up as a realistic solution. Your concept of a new distributed network or a consensus protocol needs to be researched and developed the way it has a practical purpose and use or you simply need to expand your team by adding the brightest minds to support with the most challenging tasks of the core development. This is where we come in. Our team has enough scientific knowledge and experience to analyze your idea or concept, develop it and implement into working solution. We build working solutions based on your whitepapers or ideas or even help from scratch by elaborating the concept into a whitepaper.


3. What can we do as your core R&D team?

  • Design and research of network security mechanisms
  • Design and creation of the blockchain architecture
  • Design and research of consensus protocols
  • Implementation possibility research of new consensuses
  • Continuous Research & Development based on the previous research
  • Analysis of your blockchain concept to determine its feasibility
  • Improvement suggestions to the initial concept to make it more practical
  • Analysis of your whitepaper or yellow paper
  • Practical testing of multiple implementation options


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