3 tips for outsourcing mobile app development effectively

For a rookie, outsourcing mobile app development tends to be difficult, often challenging venture. Lack of knowledge in outsourcing mobile app development processes may often lead to technical mistakes. Furthermore, it also can cause delays in app releases, if not to a complete disaster. So to outsource a mobile app or not? That is the question we are about to investigate in this article.

First, let’s sum up the most common advantages and opportunities of outsourcing app development.

Outsourcing Mobile App Development Pros:


Outsourcing mobile app development to offshore or nearshore developers is often beneficial because of the lower rates freelance app developers charge for their work. It’s no secret that the cost of in-house app developers’ services is generally much higher than that of remote freelancers. Thus provided that the quality of app development performance of both is equal. The costs saved may easily be used for building more advanced functionality of the app. Cost-effectiveness of any outsourcing app development services, in turn, depends on a clarity in communication with an outsourcing development team.    

Instant feedback and collaboration 

Despite various misconceptions, today collaboration between clients and outsourcing mobile app developers takes place 24 hours a day. Providers understand that outsourcing mobile app development niche is actually a global marketplace service. So they have their teams settled in multiple time zones. Further, they have to ensure a non-stop productive workflow and communication with clients. As a result, outsourcing mobile app development companies utilize all kinds of cutting-edge online collaboration tools and cloud platforms.

Low risks

More and more app development agencies provide virtual CTO consulting services. The service helps to minimize risks at the very initial stage of project assessment for those entrepreneurs who don’t have a technology officer on board. Therefore, early stages of mobile app prototype development are risk-free and well thought-out due to right technical estimations. Iterations thus are more flexible and don’t require great extra costs.      

If everything is so cheerful then what are the possible pitfalls of outsourcing a mobile app, which must be mitigated?

The tips below will help any novice in outsourcing app development be more precautious, mindful and yet achieve desired outcomes.

3 tips for outsourcing mobile app development

3 Effective Outsourcing Mobile App Development Tips:

Tip #1: Learn more about the process, make a research of trusted agencies

It is recommended for any beginner in outsourcing mobile app development to make a research of the whole technical process and its key elements. Gather evidence of mobile app development expertise from most trusted outsourcing app development agencies. Examine their earlier mobile app development works for clients and analyze their general development knowledge pool. Does a service provider have a vast successful experience of leveraging multiple technologies? If the answer is yes, then they might have capabilities required to implement the mobile app you have in your mind. If your mobile app is simple and doesn’t require some serious business logic you may opt for a freelancer with a suitable background. However, if your mobile app development project must be built with a complex business logic, then you had better examine all the facets and technical capabilities of a given service provider.   

Tip #2: Have a CTO as a co-founder of your startup

Having a technical co-founder in your team will help you minimize development risks. A virtual CTO consulting service mentioned earlier is delivered to you by software development agency/freelancer by default. It is true that it makes the whole mechanism, methods, and operations of an outsourcing mobile app development much clearer to you. However, having a CTO at the back of your startup will definitely guarantee that the timeline for outsourcing app development will be met by the service provider. As well as there will be no technical misunderstanding between two parties whatsoever.

Also, startup owners should acknowledge that offering a share in a businessб in exchange for free CTO consulting as well as further development is not really interesting for professional service providers. Most established outsourcing development companies and individuals prefer cost-per-hour work basis. Even if they find a startup idea being astonishing. Nevertheless, some service providers may agree to consider their development efforts as an investment into the statutory capital of your startup. Generally speaking, everything depends on negotiations between the parties.    

Tip #3: Check if communication is easy, effortless and instant against all odds

There are factors that should get out of the way of a truly effective outsourcing app development company. For example, time zone and communication language differences; Internet speed connection; cultural differences, etc. To be competitive in a global outsourcing mobile app development market, service providers must strive for perfection and 200% customer satisfaction. This knowledge should empower any client to thoroughly check the work conditions, expertise, and references to each particular outsourcing development service provider. The outsourcing mobile app development done right by a professional and experienced service provider will be a genuine pleasure then.


Nowadays, talented developers worldwide are choosing freelance remote jobs over in-office projects much more often. To attract the most talented and cost-effective mobile app engineers it is advisable for entrepreneurs to look at both local and overseas development service providers. If you have never built a mobile app before and don’t have any idea about its creation then go hire a fellow engineer who will help you deal with all technical aspects in the role of a CTO at your firm. Quote all adequate outsourcing app development professionals and get their virtual CTO consultation. Assess all pros and cons of each and start the work with the most deserving, experienced, worthwhile outsourcing mobile app development business.

Good luck and happy app development outsourcing!

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