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Best iPad App Developers are easy to find. Just Google them, right? However, top 10 search engine results will not guarantee you that those software development companies have the best service and rates out there. In fact, reaching top positions in search engines is a result of a non-stop SEO work. Therefore that’s mainly an achievement of SEO specialists, not app developers. So how can one find the best iPad app developers on their budget without getting lost in the maze of the Internet?

Freelance networks:

The Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, Peopleperhour and other freelance websites allow potential clients post job offers to the best iPad app developers. There everything is based on the successful accomplishment of tasks by candidates, which adds up to their rating within each website’s community. Based on the company or a freelancer’s rating it’s much easier to make a decision and assign an important task to really the best iPad app developers. Moreover, trusted freelance networks like Upwork let potential clients locate the best talent from any part of the world.


Both clients and freelancers are able to establish long-term fruitful connections on freelance networks. On Upwork you can find some of the best iPad app developers in the world, both top-rated companies and freelancers. Clients highly appreciate the work of top-rated software developers on Upwork. Consequently, this results in more referral clients and long-term partnerships. Due to immediate payments and free membership, Upwork is considered to be the second largest freelancing network, while the leading position is occupied by Freelancer.


With over 19 million registered users worldwide Freelancer is the largest freelancing network for clients and freelancers. Despite its paid membership, the network is very popular and widely used. The unique feature of Freelancer, which other freelancing networks don’t have is a contest mode. Using Contests a client can post a quick job such as logo design and freelancers offer their draft design according to the specification given by the client.


Guru is the next largest freelancing network, which numbers 1.5 million registered users. This website is not a top choice, but rather an addition to other two above-mentioned networks. There you can also find great iPad app developers for various projects.


Peopleperhour as the job platform for freelancers lets clients hire the most qualified candidates for the job at quite often a very low cost. For clients, it’s beneficial when freelancers bid for the job with one another. Thus they get the lowest price even if clients initially were ready to pay much more. What’s interesting about Peopleperhour is that freelancers can also post offers for jobs emphasizing their skills and cost of what they are able to do. So clients can search for iPad app developers there, while iPad app developers can search for clients too.

Design Communities:


Dribbble and Behance are also suitable places to search for talented UI/UX designers for your iPad app. The first one is the network with over 460 000 users who showcase their artwork in the community. The artwork includes UI/UX design, graphic design, illustration, and photography. The membership is invite-only, unlike open and free membership of its rival – Behance.


Behance is the world’s largest design community owned by Adobe. Its focus is on self-promotion of designers and artists online within the community. The Behance network was launched in 2005. Nevertheless, it is still the first point of search for talented web designers, illustrators and graphic artists for many clients worldwide.

Imagine, you have found that one fantastic designer for your awesome iPad app. However, in most cases, even the most talented UI/UX designer can’t develop the whole iPad app himself. For an effective implementation of the project, clients need an effective team of the best iPad app developers, QA engineers, Project managers. That’s why it’s recommended to hire a dedicated team rather than one freelancer. The chance for fast and successful iPad app development implementation is higher in teams then when co-operating with a single freelancer. That’s because the latter usually don’t have a backup partner to replace him or her in the case of emergency. If, however, a freelance designer doesn’t mind working with the team for a particular project you can always invite him or her to join your team on an hourly basis.

Recommendations of friends & colleagues

Bumping into the best iPad app developers is a luck. Searching for them among your friends, friends of friends and their friends can help you increase your chances. Therefore a feedback on the previous co-operation is very important. Do you agree? Obtaining testimonials from colleagues and friends often can help you find if not the best iPad app developers, but the second best. It’s not so bad too.

Search engines

As we’ve already mentioned earlier Google, as the world’s leading search engine, is the first source of information in the digital era. However, one should be wise when surfing the web and searching for the best iPad app developers. It’s better to limit the time for your search by 2-3 hours and creating a shortlist of the 10 most suitable iPad development companies. Looking through their portfolio, getting in touch and making inquiries about their rates should take up to 2 hours more. Finally, narrow down your list to 3 or 5 best-suited candidates. To prove they can do what you require just give them your test task and see the results. Based on the fastest solving of the task and the best price offer make your choice of the best iPad app developers.

Social networks & groups

Expanding social circles is a great way to connect with more interesting people. Business life is no exception. Linkedin is a great resource for establishing useful business connections and potential business partnerships. Very often clients use this platform for locating the best iPad app developers. There one can find and contact key people at firms who develop the best iPad apps.

Participation in specialized groups for iOS app development in Linkedin and Google+ can boost not only your connections. As a client, you can get more knowledge and understanding of the whole iPad app development process. The chance is big to find there if not the best iPad app developers, but at least great technical consultancy on any issue. People love helping each other in such groups and communities. So join them, get educated and get social.


All of the mentioned resources work the best if you use them all at once. However, this can take you much more time than opting for just one of them. Just remember that the best iPad app developers are the ones who have: a) many years of successful experience in iOS app development b) trust of clients and long-term partnerships c) have dedicated, self-sustainable teams, to work on your project d) deliver on time and strive to exceed your expectations

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