web development trends 2017

To be proficient and successful in something one must develop their skills and evolve. Therefore, to achieve excellence in web development programmers all over the world are keeping up on the latest web development trends. What are the most anticipated web development trends of 2017? Here we have gathered the main technologies that will shape the web this year and beyond.

Web Development Trends 2017: Artificial Intelligence

AI has become more than just a buzzword when it finally reached the public. In recent years such tech giants as Facebook, Google and Microsoft have made it possible and introduced their own AI technologies. Large tech corporations leverage artificial intelligence to improve their products and services. For example, Google uses artificial intelligence for improving its search engine algorithms. Wikipedia also uses AI for fast identification of incorrect data in its articles.

More and more businesses employ AI in their software services, and Molly from The Grid is another great instance. With the help of the AI-powered web designer called Molly users can get an aesthetic website created according to their branding and color requirements.

Web Development Trends 2017: Virtual Reality

Speaking about VR the Oculus Rift is probably the most famous its application. Gaming industry has already embraced the VR technology. However, big technology brands don’t want to stand aside too. Mozilla and Google gradually work on taking advantage of virtual reality for their products. Furthermore, Facebook has already introduced social interaction in VR using the Oculus Rift. By means of VR Facebook avatars become interactive. Thus any member of the social network can interact with their friends in Facebook’s virtual world.

Web Development Trends 2017: Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is the trend, which makes it possible to manage certain devices (usually home appliances) remotely through the mobile phone or a computer. These devices are given Internet connectivity and thus they can transmit valuable data. The IoT technology lets users control all home appliances from a single source or an application.

Although IoT is quite in early stages of adoption by public right now some prominent companies work on its API. As a consequence web developers will have an opportunity to create web products that can communicate with IoT devices. Another great opportunity for them will be working on protection against hacking IoT devices and the apps connected.

Web Development Trends 2017: Customer Support Chatbots

Last year witnessed the boom of chatbots and conversational user interfaces. Websites started using the chatbot trend providing conversation-first experiences to their visitors. During the conversation chatbots learn from human language and adapt to it naturally. So it’s no wonder that companies saw an opportunity to use chatbots for customer support scenarios. Large corporations such Sephora, Uber, Bank of America, Domino’s and Pizza Hut have launched their chatbots to offer a smoother customer support experience to its clients.  The latter companies let users type the pizza they’d like in Facebook Messenger or Twitter and it’ll be delivered to their address. Such an amazing step into the robotic future!

Web Development Trends 2017: Motion UI

The time of two-dimensional web pages has gone long ago. Now it’s the time for Motion UI, which makes it easier for web developers to create interaction-focused interfaces with lively animations that we predicted in 2016. Being a powerful Sass library Motion UI lets programmers make transitions and animations in the app or website faster. As a result, website users have an improved user experience and are able to interact with the website in a more intuitive way.

Web Development Trends 2017: Static Site Generators

Some web developers consider static site generators to be a great find for 2017. What static site generators like Jekyll or Hugo do is they allow to create websites without a database, but just from files running on your server. Many web developers choose these generators, because they let you also increase security and page load times of the website. Also such websites are very easy to deploy. However, there’s one disadvantage concerning static site generators as they can’t support a real-time content, such as user comments.

Web Development Trends 2017: Ruby on Rails 5

Soon after its release in June 2016 Ruby on Rails 5 has gained some real popularity among web developers. Earlier Ruby wasn’t of much use for web developers. However, the things are changing. Now with some interesting enhancements Ruby is sitting on a high ground. The features that web developers praise in Ruby on Rails 5 in particular are Turbolinks 5, ActionCable and rails_api. These features make web development of modern websites that use chats and notification much easier.

Web Development Trends 2017: Angular 2

Angular 2 was released in 2016 almost at the same time as the Google’s completely redesigned JavaScript framework. Thus Angular 2 leverages JavaScript ES6 and aims further to provide developers with frequent updates every six months. This means that web developers now are able to be on the frontline of web development technology.

Web Development Trends 2017: JavaScript & TypeScript

JavaScript is the top-choice web development technology of full-stack developers. It’s no surprise, because almost all web based application in the world use JavaScript. Don’t you agree? So to be a successful web developer in 2017 one must choose JavaScript, along with HTML and CSS as their primary web development technologies. Adding TypeScript to the list expands the capabilities of JavaScript for web developers with object-oriented programming and static typing.

What do you think we can add to the list of web development trends of 2017? Would you like to share your ideas with us? Or maybe you’re interested in a reliable web development partner such as Adoriasoft, who are able to develop and implement your project using one of the mentioned cutting-edge technologies? Contact us today for instant estimation!