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As the new year approaches many research firmsIT companiestop managers and tech bloggers hurry up to give their predictions for technology trends 2017. Advanced machine learning, faster Big Data are already said to become reality of the tech world next year. What other great tech trends 2017 will loom on the technology horizon?

Technology Trends 2017: Highly personalized one-on-one interactions will prevail

Marketers will use AI as the source of valuable user information for the most effective personalized marketing campaigns. Knowing buyer’s goals, decision-making habits, pain points and aspirations marketers will launch tailor-made messages.

Technology Trends 2017: Expansion of the market for chatbots and conversational interfaces

Chatbots became a buzzword of 2016. Learning from humans and adapting to our natural language chatbots became an essential part of successful modern apps. Programmers use AI to the benefit of users, teaching chatbots to understand their interests and patterns in conversations. Continuously evolving chatbots turn to the analogue of advanced personal assistants of the digital era.

Technology Trends 2017: More companies using deep learning

Not just Facebook and Google will be using deep learning in 2017. More and more companies in various spheres will adopt this technology. Deep learning techniques will be most utilized on mobile and other devices to solve interesting, complex problems.

Technology Trends 2017: Businesses adopting AI to succeed

During continuous digitalization of business world companies that start using artificial intelligence algorithms sooner than competitors will succeed faster. They will have a strong competitive advantage using data mining. This will help them create more efficient business models, make more accurate predictions and eventually more precise strategic decisions.

Technology Trends 2017: Big Data going side-by-side with the cloud

More international corporations and tech companies will have their big data moved to the cloud. Businesses will have their employees easily access important data from anywhere any time. The data will not be stored internally anymore – it will be stored in the cloud.

Technology Trends 2017: Higher demand in vertical data analytics, rather than horizontal

General-purpose analysis of data will start dropping out of sight. Horizontal data analytics firms will not have much success in the market, unlike vertical data analytics businesses. There will be more companies building comprehensive vertical data analytics solutions using big data. The demand for such solutions will be high in verticals: banking and finance, transportation, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, trade (wholesale, retail), media and communications, etc.

Technology Trends 2017: Faster IoT adoption

Until recently IoT was just a buzzword, having no actual opportunity for widespread. The problem was complex integration of all the parts of IoT, which for many companies is still a very challenging task. However, now with the developer’s preview launch of Android Things by Google developers will first have a working OS for IoT. This is great step forward, so many CTOs predict a faster IoT adoption in 2017.

Technology Trends 2017: Growth of the market for AI software supervisors

In 2017 all manual tasks that employees used to handle will be automated using AI software. Machines will learn how to do labor-intensive tasks, as well as reasoning tasks. Thus over time AI supervisors will learn from human’s natural language, business logic and rules so that they can implement tasks on behalf of employees. Companies will encourage employees to use AI software supervisors. This will eventually result in a higher productivity of employees, less operating costs for companies and growth for the market of AI supervisors.

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