3 strangest myths about custom software development

Remote custom software development is perceived by many people outside IT industry as something that is quite far from reality. Superstitions, false assumptions and exaggerations flood this industry thanks to people who are quick to make decisions based on false first impression or prior unlucky experience with remote IT teams. Moreover, there is a number of myths about custom software development executed remotely that sound really strange to those who work in IT for many years. In this article we are to debunk three strangest myths about custom software development.  


Myth #1: Custom software developers don’t care about your product.

This myth is based on the belief that in-house developers are more dedicated and involved in the product development than remote developers are. This is a huge false assumption since many remote development teams are often very dedicated, professional and enthusiastic about the product, its development, timely delivery to the client and end customer satisfaction. If you provide clear estimations, your expectations and timelines to the custom software development firm be sure that developers will work on implementation of your project as if it is their own: with high commitment, dedication and responsibility for the result. A good, established provider of custom software development services always makes sure its employees treat their client’s product as their top priority. Professional custom software development teams commonly tend to over-deliver, which differs them advantageously from in-house developers who have already “settled” and thus don’t try hard enough.


Myth #2: In-house developers are better workers than remote custom software developers.

Many people just are not yet accustomed to the concept of remote IT specialists working effectively. So-called late adopters prefer everything happening offline. “If the developer is out of my sight he’s uncontrollable”, they think. That’s only true when you deal with irresponsible people, who can’t work well autonomously. In such case the issue is not in developer’s physical location, but in the dedication of each given IT professional. Among in-house developers there can be also lazy, unreliable and out of control people. So the prime matter is that human resources simply must be chosen wisely: not by your team location, but by their professionalism and dedication.


Myth #3: Custom software developers are all from India.

This myth is widely spread among those new to ordering custom software development services. Why? The answer is freelancer websites that are merely occupied by developers from India. However, other parts of the world are rich in higher quality custom software development human resources, including Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Russia, Singapore, USA, Australia etc. In fact, excellent project management, custom software development execution, custom software testing services and custom web design is available from IT specialists around the world. If you seek professional, responsible teams that deliver what’s expected from them on time and within your budget it’s better to meet them in person and establish a good communication prior to jumping into project implementation. European custom software developers thus are nearer to get to know than flying to Indian developers. Anyway, it’s always up to the client and his preferences in work.

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