Blockchain Audit and Consulting


1. What is Blockchain consulting service?

Tap into the knowledge of our blockchain experts to make the most of this powerful technology. We will help you leverage the blockchain strength to the max. Your idea deserves flawless implementation - and we can make it happen!

2. Unlock the potential of blockchain

We will help you make blockchain work for you at any stage of your project:

  • Discuss startup idea
  • Determine the feasibility of blockchain
  • Select the best blockchain deployment platform
  • Put together the technology stack
  • Build a prototype and implement analytics
  • Create the project design and architecture
  • Suggest the most optimal development flow
  • Advise on security measures
  • Consult on further maintenance

What we do

Depending on your project specifics, we can consult you on various aspects of blockchain development. 

General consultancy

Our team can assist you in project planning, design, cost estimation, and development of the general product concept. During such strategy consulting, we help you choose the type of blockchain that will serve your purpose best and the tools to build it.

Our team includes experts on various blockchains currently on the market - Ethereum, Hyperledger suite, EOS, NEM - and we can help you choose the one that fits your project perfectly.


From technology to marketing - we can do a research in any area that is vital for your project. Our experts will analyze the business values that you plan to implement and provide you with comprehensive guidelines on building the blockchain solution. 

The research will include all aspects of developing public or enterprise blockchain networks with the maximum efficiency, security and transparency. We can also take part in the MVP creation to validate your idea.


In blockchain, the development quality is the line between success and failure. The immutability principle of blockchain often prevents the developers from quickly fixing errors after the release. Thus, the code should be correct from the beginning.

We have an experienced blockchain development team that can do extensive blockchain technology consulting for any project. Our experts can share their knowledge of the tools, platforms, languages, libraries, and many other technology aspects of blockchain development. We would like to specially mention blockchain security consulting as security is a critical component of any blockchain project.


Proper support and maintenance of a blockchain product are as important as its creation. We can train your support staff in handling the most common issues as well as provide the guidelines on regular maintenance. 

Security training is a special part of any blockchain training project, as cybersecurity is today one of the most dynamic industries. Our security experts will help you identify threats, handle attacks, implement product updates to ensure the maximum protection.


Popular implementations in different branches of industry

Depending on your project specifics, we can consult you on various aspects of blockchain development. 


Financial Technology - Payments & Transactions

Build distributed fintech applications for banks, exchanges and trading platforms based on Ethereum and Hyperledger Indy. Our experts will assist in leveraging the advantages of these and other environments to achieve: cost-effectiveness, trust and high performance.

Insurance Industry - Remittances & Smart Contracts

Use Ethereum smart contracts to create insurance applications for fast and accurate claim processing. We will help you build distributed insurance applications ensuring: fast transaction processing, convenient data storage and fraud prevention.

Information Technology - Data Storage

Enhance databases and big data applications with the advantages of blockchain. We will be happy to share our expertise in building blockchain-based IT services featuring: data security, record immutability and peer-to-peer communication.

Digital Media - Content Distribution & Intellectual Property

Use the benefits of blockchain and Ethereum smart contracts to develop public and private content management systems. Distributed content management applications will provide: intellectual property protection, fast royalty payments and transparent license distribution.

Supply Industries - Supply Chains

Use Hyperledger Fabric to create private enterprise solutions of any size and complexity. This advanced platform is perfect for building private applications, and we know how to do it to achieve: secure data management, multi-level permission-based access system and traceability.

Energy Industry - Operation of Decentralised Grids

Implement blockchain-based decentralized energy grids for precise control of consumption and distribution. Turn to our experts for assistance in building energy networks supporting: accurate accounting and invoicing, environment-friendly operation and supply-demand correspondence.


About us

Adoriasoft has been on the software development market since 2010. During that time, we have gathered a distributed team of people who are true professionals in their fields of study. The joint expertise of our team forms a solid foundation for successful delivery of complex projects in the extremely demanding and dynamic market of crypto technology and distributed applications.

We are both a blockchain development and blockchain consulting company committed to introducing and popularizing the blockchain technology in various industries. Browse our website for more information about us and the projects that we have delivered.

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