Sports memorabilia verification system

We created a tracking and verification system which verifies sports memorabilia authenticity. This blockchain-based system was implemented as a mobile app using the image recognition technology. A photo of the piece of sports memorabilia is processed by the image recognition function that determines it as genuine or fake. The authenticity is established through the proven track of ownership, location and images of particular memorabilia. Blockchain is serving as an immutable database of records of ownership and locations of each piece of memorabilia.

Technology Stack

  • C++

  • EOS

  • IPFS

  • Python

  • React Native


The product is a mobile app using image recognition and blockchain technologies. The image recognition provides reliable and accurate interpretation of the object captured by the camera. The result is then processed by the blockchain network storing the entire data of multiple pieces of sports memorabilia. Each item can be tracked from its origin to the current location and owner, thus verifying its authenticity.

Memorabilia verification system

business needs

This verification system is intended to identify memorabilia fraud and the persons attempting to trade fake items. The police is considering using the system with automatic notifications of detected memorabilia frauds sent to the police station with the geographic coordinates. Generally, any system requiring visual verification may benefit from applying this technology.


Adoriasoft built a multi-factor system for verification of memorabilia authenticity, a mobile app and a distributed database for image storage, an immutable ledger of memorabilia owners and locations. Such a comprehensive solution allows fighting memorabilia fraud effectively.

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