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  • Blockchain security

    You have a smart contract ready but aren’t sure about its impeccability?
    They say caution is the parent of safety. Adoriasoft team performs a code review of your technology whether it be an ICO smart contract or a distributed application with blockchain in its heart. We provide an unbiased opinion about the code and the logic consistency and can eliminate efficiency and improve the behavior, if relevant.

  • Public/Private blockchain

    Need to use a public blockchain like Bitcoin or Ethereum in your project?
    Our team can create a public blockchain to fundamentally reshape the structure of your traditional business and make easily trackable and thus trustworthy for your users. Unlike true blockchain nerds, who try to implement blockchain with no particular reason sometimes, we evaluate the need of its use in each exact case. This allows us to balance blockchain and off-chain modules of the project so as both to preserve data processing speed and on-chain integrity and traceability.

    A private blockchain allows a permissioned access and control over the database whilst also providing some great features of a classic blockchain. Due to smart contracts, this technology can eventually improve many centralized businesses. Adoriasoft experts will study your business processes and help push the merits of blockchain to your corporate business.

  • Smart contracts

    Every day we work on smart contracts’ logic to empower private and public blockchains and use best approaches. We know how to minimize vulnerabilities and improve gas efficiency using correct data structures and memory types.

    Our engineers have strong background in C/C++, Solidity as well as the knowledge of ERC20/ERC223 tokens standards etc to develop smart contracts.

    Although Bitcoin blockchain, unlike Ethereum, is not known for its ability to create smart contracts, we can help implement a similar logic for BTC.

  • Preparation for

    Adoriasoft team provides a turnkey service to support your Pre-ICO/ICO. It includes consulting on the entire crypto economy of your project, help with white paper formulation, translation of all Pre-ICO/ICO conditions into secure smart contract logic, development of a landing page, investor panel/admin panels. Reach out to get a professional advice from a team that really cares.

  • Investor/Admin
    panels development

    Being core elements of any ICO, Investor and Admin panels need to be developed according to the high -end security standard. We know the most typical mistakes which can bring to critical consequences or a data breach. Adoriasoft team deals with design, frontend and backend programming of panels as well as their connection to the smart contract.

  • Wallets
    (web and mobile)

    Would you like a wallet to support both Bitcoin and Ether? Plan accepting other cryptocurrencies or fiat money too? Get in touch and tell about your vision. Our team will listen and actively discuss the features of your wallet and get it implemented either as a web app or a mobile app.

  • Fiat/Cryptocurrency
    exchange and payment

    Want to accept fiat money or altcoins on your project? Need a crypto payment gateway to be tailored to your existing solution or a web store? We develop frontend/ and backend for fiat processing with KYC validation and integrate third party API for altcoins processing. Our experts will listen to your goals and recommend how to achieve them with the highest security in mind.

  • Landing pages and

    A presentation website or single page app is an important step towards your product brand awareness.The first impression can be made only once, so your website should be UI\UX friendly, operate smoothly, while keeping all details secure. Our team helps designing and developing frontend and backend functionality for your landing page. Depending on your goals, we’ll recommend which technology to use, be it a Bootstrap, Javascript, a particular PHP framework or just Wordpress.

And development of classic client-server and other centralized software needed with blockchain in its core

Let’s get acquainted

Hi and welcome to Adoriasoft!

Blockchain is a cutting edge technology for those entrepreneurs who go with the times. Glad to know you are the one!

8 years ago I used to be cryptography expert myself. Later my love to digital security has allowed me to gather a team of like-minded technologists who now go together with me this forward-thinking path of cryptocurrency, blockchain and smart contracts development. We perform high-quality security review of your project and consult on how to achieve your goals and avoid typical mistakes.

Adoriasoft is all about providing value and I align my passion to our service.

Vlad Kostanda
CEO at AdoriaSoft
Get in touch with me directly

How we do it

With strong understanding of blockchain, distributed networks Adoriasoft offers a comprehensive support through all the stages of customer journey. Currently because of hype around blockchain it’s considered as a cure-all solution for everything by many businesses. Our mission is to help you understand all this and decide if you need it at all.

Strategy definition
Proof of concept or MVP creation
QA & Testing

Strategy definition

Is the first stage where main important project-milestones are been documented. It includes definition of project scope and goals, its deliverables along with time estimations and approach to development, QA and project management, etc.

Proof of concept or MVP creation

Prototyping helps both the project owner and the team to gain important insights regarding design and usability of the product. With the help of convenient demonstrating tools we create a wireframe, which embraces the customer’s vision of the functionality. The prototypes may be low and high fidelity.


This stage comes after a good understanding of customer’s requirements and determines how the solution will look like based on the software wireframes and with all system and its components in mind.


Development is the actual implementation process after having illustrated design of the solution.

QA & Testing

QA team systematically monitors software quality to make sure the deliveries go live flawlessly. Even if the bugs are found after release, the QA team acts promptly to make sure they are fixed fast. QA & testing is done in parallel with development and upon delivery.


When the solution is ready to become running and live it is been deployed. During this stage we make sure that the product owner get familiar with their software and make training to show and explain the functionality of the solution.


Making sure that the system doesn’t become obsolete and keeping all the components of the solution up-to-date. It is also about periodic maintenance of the solution and updating its code when required.

Why we are the right choice

  • High-quality security review of your project and consulting from professionals.

  • Cryptography PhD in the team for the most scientific and rigorous questions.

  • Experts across other technologies.

  • Project managers who are certified by international institution Scrum Alliance.

Nota bene!

We won’t create any unfair solutions that collect private keys of the users to manipulate their funds. We don’t develop ICO for clients with clearly visible fraud intentions. We are white hat adepts and believe that technologies will help to make this world better. We do not encourage US citizens to take part in ICOs. All such actions are entirely projects owners’ and/or users’ responsibility.

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