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While it’s true that virtually any company can benefit from having a mobile app, it’s also true that for some the results will be more valuable and significant than for the others. For instance, a coffee shop might launch an app just because it’s cool. However, chances are that it won’t add much value to the service this coffee shop provides. People visit coffee shops to get their cup of coffee, not another push notification saying that their latte is 89 percent ready.

Nonetheless, not all industries are like that. Some of them might benefit from launching an app tremendously. At least because it would align with what they offer and improve their customer service. Wonder what kind of companies are these? The hospitality industry is a telling example. Hotels and resorts remain successful for as long as they are able to attract guests and provide the quality service. The core goal is to make guests want to come back over and over again. Not only should hotels and resorts meet the expectations of people, but they should also exceed them. That’s why concierge services play such a valuable role for hotels and resorts. As you might have guessed from the title, today the light is on concierge apps and benefits they can bring to the hotel business.

What Are Concierge Apps?

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Putting serious definitions aside, let’s just say that concierge apps are mobile apps allowing to request different types of concierge services from the comfort of a smartphone. There are three most common types of concierge apps out there. There are personal assistant concierge apps, travel agent concierge apps, and hotel receptionist concierge apps. Today, we’re focused on the latter.

Concierge Apps Market: Just How Big Is It?

By now you know what concierge apps do and what they’re used for. So it’s time to dig deeper into the topic and find out how does the market of concierge apps look like and what potential it now holds.

Concierge apps are already well-established but still on the rise. The popularity of mobile apps is growing like crazy. According to expert forecasts, the App Store alone will host over 5 million mobile apps by 2022. So it comes as no surprise that the number of concierge apps keeps on growing too. As the global hospitality industry revenue has surpassed the point of $550 billion in 2016, this mere fact makes it clear that mobile app development in this niche is a smart business move. Especially, if we’re talking about such a meaningful and valuable segment as concierge apps. You can be a mobile app developer looking for the new business idea or a hotel owner willing to gain another competitive advantage. Either way, you’re thinking in the right direction.

Top 10 Concierge Apps Leading The Market

Top 10 apps leading the market by Adoriasoft Blog

Now it’s time for the most interesting part of the article – leaders analysis. Let’s take a look at how the best concierge apps look like and try to figure out what makes them such. Get ready to meet the winning 10.


Available for Android users only, this concierge app boasts perfect rating and reviews – and obviously for good reason. Priscilla offers hotel guests a convenient way to get information and services while they’re staying in a hotel. The one can be customized to reflect any hotel’s brand and design, and the content can be easily updated through a web-based content management tool. Inside of this app, a guest can request a room service, food, drinks, and etc.


Another team that got it exceptionally right about the needs of today’s hotel and resort guests calls itself AppHotel. Basically, it is a concierge app builder allowing hotels and resorts to create concierge apps reflecting hotel’s corporate design. The content of concierge apps made with AppHotel mobile apps can be updated through a desktop management system. AppHotel’s set of concierge apps includes features like bookings, flight details, room service, just to name a few.

Hilton Honors

This app belongs to the world-renowned hotel chain Hilton. Apart from basic features a hotel app usually includes, this one has a concierge component. Guest can use it throughout their stay for contacting hotel staff, unlocking their doors, or ordering extra pillows or drinks. They can also ask for directions and weather forecasts. The app also has a room service requests feature. Hilton Honors can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play for free.


Anyone who travels a lot and stays at hotels while being away from home sure knows the concept of HotelTonight. This app allows users to book hotel rooms for last-minute prices. Since recently it also offers concierge features. The service is available for free for all those who’ve booked for more than $200. Concierge app will give users advice for shopping, foodie, and sightseeing explorations. What’s more, app users can request a real person to help them plan their trips. The app is available for iOS and Android users.


This concierge app is designed to help hotel and resort staff stay connected with guests. Thanks to Alice, hotel guests can get in touch with any hotel department 24/7. One can order room service, request a wake-up call, book a spa appointment and receive updated on the progress of his or her requests. Real-time chat is available during, before and after one’s stay in a hotel. The app can be found both on the App Store and Google Play.

Conrad Concierge

One more great concierge app is Conrad Concierge. With a help of this app, users can search for hotels of the Conrad Hotel and Resorts chain. They can book a stay, modify their reservations, enjoy a rich variety of concierge services. The list of possible requests includes but isn’t limited to room service, food delivery, and wake-up calls. The app can get synchronized with the above-mentioned Hilton Honors to redeem reward points.

Marriott Hotels

Guests of Marriott Hotels can enjoy a quality in-phone concierge service thanks to a special feature of the hotel chain’s app. Users of this app can connect with more than 500 Marriott hotels around the globe and request amenities or services even before they arrive. The concierge app works in two ways. Those who prefer communication with real people can choose ‘Anything Else’ button and request services they’d like. However, there is also a drop-down menu allowing users to choose among the most popular requests like extra towels, wake-up call, or food and drinks delivery.

Incentient SmartTouch

This concierge software was meant to make concierge service requests as fast and simple as they’ve never been before. Thanks to this app, hotel guests can enjoy immediate responses to their questions and requests. Plus, they can order in-room delivery. Users can also order bell services, valet services, make restaurant reservations and ask advice regarding local attractions.

QT Hotels & Resorts Concierge

Available for both iOS and Android users, QT Hotels & Resorts Concierge app provides users with an amazing experience. The app can answer to virtually any question one can think of. Where to go for the most delicious lunch in the city? Which sights are especially worth visiting? The app is a great helping hand when it comes to deciding on things to do, see, eat nearby a particular hotel.

Ritz-Carlton Hotels & Resorts

Although this app is not about concierge service only, it’s one of the app’s most meaningful and frequently used features. Inside of this app, guests of Ritz-Carlton can request a shoeshine, fresh towels delivery, or valet service. What’s more, they can get curated recommendations for spa and local attractions, dining, as well as upcoming hotel events.

Reasons to Use Concierge Apps 

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Now it’s time to outline the major reasons why upscale hotels and resorts should give preference to concierge apps instead of relying on the old school approach.

  • It’s a cost-efficient alternative to a traditional approach. With concierge apps, hotels don’t have to spend money on salaries of people who receive and process concierge requests.
  • It’s easier to stick to one standard with a concierge app. Unlike with real people, with concierge apps, it is possible to establish certain standards of service and stick to them no matter what.
  • Concierge apps can collect and analyze their guests’ data. Such information about guests’ requests can help to predict their wishes over time. Thus, it becomes easier for hotels to exceed expectations of their guests, increase loyalty to their brand and maximize revenue.

Features a Good Concierge App Should Include

  • Access to hotel/resort/condo amenities like spa bookings, shoes shining service, wake-up calls, and food delivery.
  • Integration with outside services to help users find the best dining options, choose the best sightseeing routes, and etc. For example, integration with TripAdvisor can do wonders for guests’ experience.
  • 24/7 chats with real people in case guests need something that’s not on the drop-down list of standard requests.
  • Integration with social networks, so users won’t need to waste time on sign-ups.  
  • Secure payment services for the app users to pay for the concierge services right away.

As a conclusion

Concierge apps are believed to revolutionize hotel and resort industry, and now we can witness the first stage of this process. At the moment, concierge apps are only used by the biggest hotel chains. What it means is that the niche for small and medium-sized hotels, resorts and condos is still vacant. Now is the time. Find the best mobile app developers you can find and create a quality concierge app of your own. The odds are good this initiative will bring you money from your project and broaden your business opportunities significantly.

If you don’t know who to address in order to develop a concierge app for your business then turn to the mobile app development team of Adoriasoft. Drop us a line or give us a call and we’ll consult you in regards to the development of your future great concierge app. You’ll receive an estimation of your mobile app development project for free!