Microsoft today announced that they have acquired Mobile Data Labs, creator of the popular MileIQ app and an innovator in intelligent productivity solutions for mobile professionals. MileIQ team will continue to build and offer mobile productivity solutions and look to take advantage of insights from Office 365 and the Office Graph. MileIQ has been the top-performing Finance app in the App Store and on Google Play since launch and now has more than a million happy users in the United States, who together have classified more than half a billion business miles. MileIQ saves customers hours in mileage logging every month and delivers an average deduction or reimbursement of more than $6,500 a year.

In the US alone, there are over 55 million small business employees, entrepreneurs and other mobile professionals. This “self-directed workforce,” as Mobile Data Labs calls them, are always seeking ways to reduce time and effort spent on administrative chores like mileage, expenses, time tracking and reimbursement. Mobile Data Lab’s MileIQ app takes advantage of sensors in modern mobile devices to automatically and contextually capture, log and calculate business miles, allowing users to confidently claim tax deductions. In fact, the average MileIQ subscriber is able to deduct $547 per month in business miles, putting money back in their pockets. MileIQ counts over 1 million users and has been the top-grossing finance app in the iTunes store for 20 months straight.