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Adoriasoft is software development provider with can do attitude

Meet Our Crew

Our qualified and motivated team is what we consider our greatest asset. You can rest assured that your project is handled and developed by a team of experts driven by a mutual desire to deliver the best.


CEO & Founder


Head of Business Development


HR manager


Sales Manager




iOS team lead


Delphi team lead


Android team lead


Web Developer


Product Manager


Product Manager


Project manager

We keep it simple

Simplicity is key to success of our delivery. Client engagement process is defined by that principle we have strictly followed since day one. Software is People’s Business – At Adoriasoft we measure our success by how quickly the end user is able to adapt to the new system. We believe in working in close conjunction with our clients so that we can bring out the best in each other. We are highly concerned with how much value we deliver to our clients and, ultimately to their prospects. For that purpose, we have created an environment where people are motivated to perform in a manner that benefits all the teams involved in the process, delivery and usage.

Easy as it Gets

Once again we follow the same mantra of keeping things simple and streamlined. With a diverse range of experience, our experts have acquired enough knowledge to not only understand the client’s requirement but also to help them identify broader scope and further opportunities associated with the project. Once we are on the same page, we start the proper process with in-depth analysis, planning and designing. Yet, that is not where our role ends. We remain connected to our clients through effective communication channel in order to deliver exactly what is required.

Lead to Succeed

Within Adoriasoft all roles are properly defined and distributed. We consider you as a part of our team and together we are driven towards one goal – successful implementation and delivery of the desired solution or system. One of the major roles of our leadership team is to improve development activities and motivate team members who are part of the project. The team builds work plans and uses real-time data to incorporate required changes and overcome unforeseen challenges throughout the development process.

Our Story

Founded in 2009, Adoriasoft has written its history over the stories of constant efforts, hard work, commitment and dedication. With quality as our highest priority, we have taken the road less traveled and merged effective agile methodologies with the cost-effective distributed team model. In less than six years, we have successfully completed and delivered more than 50 projects. That is how we have managed to maintain a reputed clients who have repeatedly put their trust in us. Today, Adoriasoft proudly stands within the ranks of esteemed software development service providers. Our Research and Development centre in Kharkiv presents a true picture of how far we have traveled in the last five years.

Quick facts about Adoriasoft

Over 5 years of software application development experience.

Research and Development Center in Kharkiv (Ukraine) with 30 software development experts.

Since being founded in 2009 Adoriasoft has performed about 50 successful projects.


Adoriasoft has been a key element in the success of one of our major mobile application development projects. A client-server solution for warehouse operations in ports and terminals was created and ran on both Windows CE and Windows Server. The mobile team was highly skilled and consistently demonstrated quality work over the three-year project.
Communications & Marketing Director at Acrowire
This company has a highly talented crew that is efficient, technically competent, and sensitive to the customer's needs. The best part about working with them is that you soon realize that they enjoy their work, and they are curious to push technical boundaries to help you be more innovative as their customer. I will hire them again and again.
CEO at AlertBoot
Adoriasoft is amazing. Their teams are responsive and really can help drive deadline. They even worked weekends and normal days off to help us meet our deadline. They interfaced objects that normally wouldn't of worked in IOS and created many modules for us. I highly recommend them for any project. Very professional and will take on your project like it is their own. We will definitely be using them again.
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