The adoption of Cloud Computing has been increasing at a steady pace. More and more companies move their services to cloud. Organizations tend to move away from the traditional software licensing models and premises-based data center hosting to ‘pay-as-you-go’ pricing.

Along with business application services, Cloud Computing can help you speed up implementation and achieve flexibility to integrate, automate and scale up as your business grows. The main benefit offered by those solutions is the reduction of infrastructure cost, and of the infrastructure's maintenance. There is no need for a service provider to own the entire IT infrastructure.

Why Adoriasoft?

Adoriasoft offers cloud-based software engineering services. We can architect your application in the Cloud and optimize it to run on different Cloud environments. As practitioners our experts will help you select the ‘right’ solution from A to Z of the cloud computing layers and options.

Also, our architects can transfer your existing application to cloud. Any existing web-application can benefit from dynamic and open-ended scalability when deployed to the Cloud. Applications need to be re-architected to get all privileges of migration to the Cloud environment.

Adoriasoft professionals have extensive experience with major platforms:

    Amazon Web Services (EC2, EBS, S3 and other services)
    Microsoft Azure
    Google Cloud platform (Google App Engine)

Our team cumulates a big experience with cloud related technologies as Apache Hadoop and Cassandra, MongoDB, HBase, Redis, memcached, message queues, load balancers etc.

Contact us, describe your goals and let us help you architect, design, develop, test, deploy and support your cloud-based application!


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