Security Token Offering Development

Our STO development service can help you organize your STO launch campaign in the most effective way. We provide the full cycle of services of Security Token Launch

STO Launch

With an STO, you bring increased trust, transparency, and legal compliance to your fundraising.

Security tokens represent an effective, transparent and legally compliant way of asset digitalization. Security Token Offerings are gradually replacing Initial Coin Offerings as a more regulated and credible fundraising method. By offering security tokens, your company offers a cryptographic equivalent of tradable stocks and bonds.

Main features of security tokens

The main feature of security tokens is that they pass the “Howey Test” meaning that transactions with security tokens are considered “investment contracts”. They have other characteristics putting them in the category of securities:

  • – Backed by liquid assets
  • – Bring profit in the form of dividend or interest
  • – Subject to security-related government regulations, such as SEC regulations

Benefits of security tokens for business

  • – Crypto-crowdfunding
  • – Cost-effectiveness due to lower fees
  • – 24/7 access to global markets
  • – Higher investors’ trust
  • – Automated trading resulting in faster and less expensive transactions
  • – Increased liquidity
  • – Regulations streamlining the crypto-tokens market

Types of security tokens

Depending on the assets you choose to back your security tokens, they fall under three following types:

Equity tokens

backed by the stock in your company. Holders of equity tokens have the voting right and are entitled to dividends

Reserve assets tokens

backed by commodities such as oil, gold, real estate, etc. Token holders get dividends depending on the commodity price fluctuations

Debt tokens

representing the company’s debt to its investors. Token holders receive dividends on the debt value

Adoriasoft’s team of cryptography experts can create an STO platform for any type of token depending on your business structure. We can also help you plan and design the entire campaign and suggest the best possible solution for your project.

STO development services we offer

We offer the complete STO development cycle from the initial consulting to the STO launch and marketing campaign. 

The full range of our STO development services include:

  • – In-depth consulting on how to launch an STO
  • – Comprehensive business analysis to determine the most optimal token type and the assets to be tokenized
  • – Legal advice to check the applicable jurisdiction regulations, including KYC/AML regulations, and ensure compliance
  • – STO smart contract development
  • – STO token creation
  • – STO website creation
  • – Investor cabinet and dashboard development
  • – Design and support of the STO marketing campaign

The tokens issued during the STO will be freely tradable on any popular security token exchange platform.

Best blockchains for security tokens launch

As part of our consulting service, we will recommend the best blockchain platform to launch your security token offering. There are a number of blockchains that support STOs and we can help you choose the one that is the best for your project.

About us

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We have gained significant experience in developing blockchain platforms, particularly, crowdfunding platforms in the format of ICO and STO. With Adoriasoft, you can always rely on the knowledge and expertise of our team to deliver the solution that is perfect for your business.

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