Public and private
blockchain development

Today, any industry will benefit from implementing blockchain. Blockchain represents a new way of data management and transaction processing that can be used anywhere – from finance and trading to agriculture and education. We offer public and private blockchain development services for businesses of any size and purpose – from public blockchains for various customer-facing projects to private enterprise networks for internal corporate use.

Private blockchain

A private blockchain is an efficient solution for corporations and organizations that store and process large amounts of data. A private blockchain, unlike the commonly known public one, requires a permission issued by the network owner. Within the network, however, the users make consensus-based decisions, including whether to admit new users.

The advantages of private blockchains include

  • Quick and efficient transaction processing. Unlike public blockchains, private ones change no transaction fees and require no mining which consumes power 
  • Secure data storage. Within a permissioned network, any corporate data can be protected effectively
  • Customization and scalability. We build private blockchains in accordance with the specific business goals and with the provision for future growth
  • Low transaction risk. Since all transactions are approved by the authorized users, the risk is reduced to the absolute minimum

While the benefits of private blockchains for businesses are clear, we should note that such network organization is not decentralized by nature. There is always a central entity issuing permissions or invitations to use the network. However, the strong sides of the blockchain technology will still serve the purposes of your business.

We are a private blockchain development company that can help your business leverage all advantages of blockchain and bring your brand to a new level.

Public blockchain

Public blockchains enhance data storage and customer service opportunities in virtually any industry. The main principle of blockchain – decentralized storage – allows building secure networks where data is protected by one of the commonly used transaction mechanisms.

With a public blockchain, your business will enjoy the following advantages

  • Faster transaction processing compared to traditional methods. Blockchains have no middlemen, thus transactions require no approval of any central authority.
  • Security. Any data stored in a blockchain is protected, on the one hand, by advanced cryptography algorithms and, on the other hand, by an efficient consensus algorithm applied to approve each individual transaction.
  • Transparency and trust. Since all transactions are subject to consensus approval, the network creates trust in an otherwise trustless system.
  • Lower transaction cost. The absence of the central authority makes the cost of transaction approval lower than in traditional systems.

We create public blockchains using open source code and also offer custom blockchain development. We always suggest the most optimal blockchain platform for your project taking into account your business values and the specifics of the particular blockchain type.

Where is blockchain used?

and audit

Blockchain forms an immutable ledger where data can be traced back to its origin. Any changes to the already stored data become immediately known to the entire network


Storing digital identities in a blockchain effectively prevents their theft and fraudulent use that is becoming threateningly frequent in other public services


The decentralized database forms a secure environment for storing data of any volume. The data protection ensured in a blockchain is much higher than in cloud storages


Blockchain allows tracing any data related to any object or property to its origins thus providing a fail-safe authenticity verification method


Blockchain provides an easy and efficient platform for peer-to-peer transactions that can be implemented in almost any sector – from finance and real estate to insurance and healthcare

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