Wallets Development

Why do businesses need cryptocurrency wallets? With the popularity of cryptocurrencies growing with each passing day, wallets may eventually replace your operating accounts. Sending and receiving money, storing your funds, paying salaries to your employees – you can do all those with a cryptocurrency wallet. Besides, you will be your own bank!

What we offer

As a cryptocurrency wallet development company, we provide the full range of wallet creation services. We build custom cryptocurrency wallets on several blockchains. For each particular enterprise, we will suggest the most optimal wallet that will ensure the maximum performance and cost-effectiveness.

For businesses of any scale, we provide multi-cryptocurrency wallet development services. With such a wallet, your enterprise will be able to operate most of the crypto coins that are in circulation now, as well as custom coins.

We develop wallets for operating all major cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, as well as custom cryptocurrencies. Our wallets support all required crypto transactions maintaining the highest level of security.

The wallets we develop

Adoriasoft can build cryptocurrency wallets of any of the existing types

Mobile wallet

A mobile cryptocurrency wallet is a mobile app that stores your crypto coins and performs your transactions

Mobile wallet pros

Ease and convenience of use

Simple download and installation

Ability to use QR codes

Mobile wallet cons

Device failure leads to the inability to access the crypto account

Loss of the mobile device leads to the loss of wallet if the seed phrase cannot be recovered either

Desktop wallet

A desktop wallet is a downloadable desktop application that you can use as an offline storage and an environment for cryptocurrency transactions

Desktop wallet pros

Increased security due to the local storage of private keys

Function as a cold storage requiring no Internet connection

Friendly user interface

Desktop wallet cons

Necessity to backup the private key in a different medium to protect the wallet data from hard drive failures

No possibility to use on the go

No possibility to use on the go

A web or online wallet is a web page accessible via any browser. Web wallets are usually hosted on third-party platforms

Web wallet pros

Low cost

Easy accessibility

Quick transaction processing

Web wallet cons

Wallet data stored on third-party services

Hardware wallet

A hardware wallet is an offline device that stores all wallet data. Adoriasoft creates software for third-party hardware wallet devices as well as custom firmware and hardware devices to serve as crypto wallets

Hardware wallet pros

Highest security among all cryptocurrency wallets


Suitability for holding large amounts of cryptocurrency

Hardware wallet cons

Loss of the device leads to the loss of all cryptocurrency stored in it if the seed phrase cannot be recovered

High cost as compared to other types of wallets

Supported cryptocurrencies

The custom wallets we build support most of the cryptocurrencies that are now in wide circulation: BTC, ETH, LTC, and about two hundred other crypto coins.

Our wallets can be set up either as single-currency processing only one crypto coin, or multi-currency allowing various exchange transactions and storing funds in different currencies simultaneously.

We also build wallets that accept tokens and custom cryptocurrencies. If you want to launch an own coin, we can create the whole infrastructure to support it, including a custom wallet.

What you get with our wallet

With Adoriasoft, you will get a secure cryptocurrency wallet with the efficiency and flexibility corresponding to your business requirements. Our wallets can be used in enterprise solutions in various sectors of the crypto economy:

  • – Cryptocurrency exchange services
  • – Decentralized applications of different purposes
  • – Cryptocurrency investments

The cryptocurrency wallet software that we deliver always displays the best performance, security, and usability:

  • – Fast transaction processing
  • – Cost-effectiveness
  • – Ease of use
  • – Application of adequate security mechanisms
  • – Automatic public key generation

About us

Adoriasoft has been on the software development market since 2010. During that time, we have gathered a distributed team of people who are true professionals in their fields of study. The joint expertise of our team forms a solid foundation for successful delivery of complex projects in the extremely demanding and dynamic market of crypto technology and distributed applications.

We are both a blockchain development and blockchain consulting company committed to introducing and popularizing the blockchain technology in various industries. Browse our website for more information about us and the projects that we have delivered.

Latest in blockchain

We are trying to keep abreast with the latest developments in the blockchain industry. Our colleagues attend special meetups and conferences, invest in self-education and test the newest blockchain development tools on the market.

We gladly share our insights with you through our blog where we post our views on the blockchain innovations, accounts of the events in which we took part, as well as the technology reviews of the latest blockchain tools and platforms.

For those interested in blockchain and the related technologies, we recommend our researches on Consensus Algorithms, DAICO Concept, and Data Structures in Distributed Ledgers. Subscribe to our blog not to miss the hottest news from the crypto sector.