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Cryptocurrency exchange development

There is only one secret of an effective cryptocurrency exchange – professional development. When the development quality is top-notch, everything works like clockwork. Thus, if you want to build a truly successful cryptocurrency exchange, leave it to the professionals.

End-to-end cryptocurrency exchange software development

We have been building custom cryptocurrency exchange solutions for years, and we know what it takes to create an efficient cryptocurrency trading platform. We can develop exchange solutions supporting any of the cryptocurrencies that are now in circulation. Moreover, if you need a custom currency or your own crypto wallet, we can do that, too. We also build cryptocurrency exchange solutions based on open-source code adapting it to the specific needs of your project.

With Adoriasoft, you are going to get a perfectly functioning, robust, secure, and scalable environment for easy and convenient crypto transactions. For startups and large enterprises, we build cryptocurrency exchange solutions of any size and complexity and provide extensive consulting on any matters related to the crypto trading organization.

Main features we develop

High Performance

The tools and technologies we use in building cryptocurrency exchange platforms ensure their superb performance, easy scalability, and sufficient capacity to withstand peak loads. We work with the most advanced technologies allowing to achieve top efficiency and performance


For experienced crypto traders who do not mind a certain degree of risk in their asset management, we can develop cryptocurrency exchanges that allow margin trading of most popular currencies


To support quick and secure cryptocurrency trading, we create multicurrency wallets that can store multiple different currencies. Our solutions include both desktop and mobile wallets to ensure the maximum flexibility and security


Each new cryptocurrency exchange that we build will have complete access to the current list of cryptocurrency buy and sell orders without the need to prove its liquidity. This way, a new exchange can immediately begin the trading business and start processing orders

Payment Gateway

Our cryptocurrency exchanges can serve as payment gateways allowing to accept payments in Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, as well as many other cryptocurrencies and convert them to fiat money. At the same time, we can develop crypto payment engines for e-commerce businesses as another payment option


Today, cybersecurity should not be taken lightly, and proper authentication is a must. We enable two-factor authentication in our cryptocurrency exchange platforms to protect your and your users’ data. We can build both custom authentication apps or integrate the publicly available solutions, such as Google Authenticator


We can develop and implement a transparent referral program to help you increase your user base through referrals. Depending on your business requirements, we can set up the program as a one-time bonus for each new user or as a continuous plan of per-transaction commissions


We recognize the importance of mobile presence for businesses and build our cryptocurrency exchanges as both desktop and mobile applications. The mobile applications we develop have all features of the desktop version and boast outstanding security and responsiveness


Upon your request, we can develop an API to enable the integration of your cryptocurrency exchange services on other websites and platforms. In creating our APIs, we use the most effective API technologies

Supported Cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency exchanges that we develop immediately support all of the major cryptocurrencies that are on the market today: Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Monero and the rest of about 200 coins that are currently in circulation. Additionally, we provide the options of trading any custom tokens issued during ICOs and their exchange to other cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

If you are planning to issue your own cryptocurrency to trade on your platform, we can do it, too. Depending on your requirements, we can either build an own blockchain to launch your new cryptocurrency or fork an existing one. In both cases, you are going to get a fully-functional crypto coin of your own.

Staying tuned for the latest cryptocurrency market events

As a cryptocurrency exchange development company, we are always trying to keep abreast with the latest news on the crypto market. We are following the trends of the major cryptocurrency exchanges: Coinbase, Bittrex, Kraken, BitFinex, Coinmama, Gemini, Bisq, Bitstamp, CEX.IO, and others, to know the current and past trading statistics, the forecasts, the new tools and technologies that are being implemented.

Another matter that we are monitoring continuously is the status of the cybersecurity on the crypto market. In the cryptocurrency exchange platform development, security mechanisms are of key importance, thus we need to know of the arising threats and the ways to prevent them.

About us

Adoriasoft has been on the software development market since 2010. During that time, we have gathered a distributed team of people who are true professionals in their fields of study. The joint expertise of our team forms a solid foundation for successful delivery of complex projects in the extremely demanding and dynamic market of crypto technology and distributed applications.

We are both a blockchain development and blockchain consulting company committed to introducing and popularizing the blockchain technology in various industries. Browse our website for more information about us and the projects that we have delivered.

Latest in blockchain

We are trying to keep abreast with the latest developments in the blockchain industry. Our colleagues attend special meetups and conferences, invest in self-education and test the newest blockchain development tools on the market.

We gladly share our insights with you through our blog where we post our views on the blockchain innovations, accounts of the events in which we took part, as well as the technology reviews of the latest blockchain tools and platforms.

For those interested in blockchain and the related technologies, we recommend our researches on Consensus Algorithms, DAICO Concept, and Data Structures in Distributed Ledgers. Subscribe to our blog not to miss the hottest news from the crypto sector.