Digitex futures

All blockchain token sale

Adoriasoft took part in building an ICO platform for Digitex Futures, particularly – writing smart contracts to issue ERC223 tokens which are more secure than ERC20 tokens, smart contracts to interact with oracles, improving the safe math functions to grant additional security. We also included an automated bonus system and implemented the refund function in the smart contracts to increase the investors’ trust in the Digitex ICO. Our experts structured the entire product architecture to ensure consistent and reliable performance. Blockchain is used to issue utility tokens that are needed to trade on the Digitex Futures exchange, as well as to provide decentralized governance, automated market makers, P2P trade.

Technology Stack

  • Ethereum



The ICO infrastructure built for Digitex Futures supported the crowdfunding campaign that the startup launched to build its digital futures exchange. The ICO was based on an Ethereum smart contract through which investors could purchase tokens. The ICO security was enhanced with the implementation of additional security mechanisms restricting the traffic from insecure sources and preventing DDoS attacks.

business needs

ICO is an innovative method of fundraising that allows startups to gather initial capital in a quick and non-bureaucratics manner. The Digitex ICO was prepared and launched with the maximum security and transparency and the focus on establishing the investors’ trust. The high technical requirements to the ICO software were needed to guarantee its superb performance, and we are proud to say that we were up to the task!