OptInventory is a fine cross-platform mobile application created and tailored by Adoriasoft for effective warehouse management, inventory processing in manufacturing and retail industries. The main features are stock count, stock in, purchase refill and stock enquiry. It is optimized to work with barcode scanners.

The app has been developed by Adoriasoft C# Developers using Xamarin technology. Having an experienced QA Engineer in the project team has ensured that the app runs flawlessly, without any errors on both iOS and Android mobile operating systems.

OptInventory was designed to meet the needs of retailers and manufacturing companies, delivering an easy-to-use functionality for warehouse operations.

“Once we developed the proper understanding of how to communicate needs and requirements so they were clear, this project went very smoothly. Even on many occasions they worked through the weekend to help us meet deadlines that were needed. Truly a great team to work with. And we have been working with them now on several other projects.”


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