Dropsend Web server

This is a heart of all Dropsend applications and plugins, which remains one of the pioneers of cloud, services with its own unique features, and vision of how file sending should look and work.

DropSend service provides an opportunity to upload and store files, send large files, back up all your files online, share your stored files with others, archive all your critical data, etc. It allows to send large files to other people without being restricted by email attachment sizes or platform\device choice.

With DropSend you upload a file online and the receiver gets an email with a download link. Sending a file with DropSend is easy. Just type in an email address, browse for a file and click Send.

“One of our BBC teams has just got back from India and have been using their DropSend account to send back media for alloutforindia.net. They loved it. All the celebs were really impressed and it worked perfectly in this situation.”

DropSend user

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