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Dropsend iOS app

This Adoriasoft product lets its users to forget about all the apps and extra gadgets they use to transfer files to their iOS from the server

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Dropshots iOS

A client has requested Adoriasoft to develop an iOS app that would let iPhone and iPad users to securely upload, store, edit and share their photos

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Routebook – application aimed to enhance order preparation process within warehouse operational cycle. This is additional tool for order pickers that allows to navigate and optimize

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OptInventory is a fine cross-platform mobile application created and tailored by Adoriasoft for effective warehouse management, inventory processing in manufacturing and retail industries. The main features

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HHPicking – a cross-platform mobile software for internal corporate use that gives users access they need to keep track of warehouse operations. The application serves to

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A productivity app for optimal iOS device performance

With an iOptimizer app users can effortlessly monitor their iPhone or iPad device activity and set it up to achieve maximum use.

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Mobilekey iOS/iPad app

A single-sign-on app for safe passwords management

For our client we created a comprehensive yet easy-to-use iOS mobile app for secure cloud apps management. Utilizing a Time-Based One-Time Password standard, IDFConnect app lets iPhone and iPad users to get an encrypted web access to cloud apps with just a single sign-on.

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