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OpenDrive Windows

OpenDrive for Windows links you directly to the cloud by creating a virtual drive right on your desktop. Store, share, and sync files and folders between

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FaceRig is an impressive software application that makes it possible for anyone with a webcam and Internet connection to digitally embody awesome cartoon characters when video

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Easy File Shredder

Easy File Shredder solution has been requested for development by Adoriasoft known as a reliable IT service provider that successfully builds apps of any complexity on

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Moviemouth Web application

Most people know how to learn a language by watching a movie with subtitles. But this is just a tiny part of what MovieMouth offers to

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Monitis .NET Profiler

A .Net profiler, which allows to monitor .Net assemblies execution and to track it’s performance and memory consumption. It uses native .Net profiler to gather data

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Dropsend Direct for Mac OS

A cross-platform desktop application which provides a possibility to upload and send large files without being restricted by email attachment sizes or platform\device choice. It supports

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SensiGuard provides robust file and folder encryption to protect your confidential data, such as documents, photos and personal information. SensiGuard encryption software provides easy to use,

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RegAce application finds and fixes PC and Windows errors. In addition, the application can scan for invalid program shortcuts and fix them. RegAce has a built-in

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FileCleaner is an advanced Windows cleaner utility that will keep your PC fast and secure. It finds and deletes all history tracks and temporary Internet files

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AMPT for Windows CE

The client-server solution for warehouse operations in ports and terminals for a large shipping company APM Terminals. Running on Windows CE and Windows Server.

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Cordova Plugin for Android, Windows phone

A plugin for banking business with OCR functionality. It is specifically designed to scan a Machine Readable Line on ESR payment slips, processes it, recognize numbers

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Adoriasoft team is used to accepting the challenge of developing on the cutting edge of technology software. This time it is a virtual interactive orchestra that

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