DropShots is a drag&drop uploader. This web application which resizes, transcodes, compresses and uploads images and video files to server. The service is all about sharing your media with the world. You can use the service using the Web uploader or download Dropshots and share your images and videos straight from your desktop. Either way, the service seems to work great and looks as sharp as any other service out there. When you download the client, you will notice how simple it is. All you need to do to upload an image or video is select them and hit the upload button. You can even upload several images and videos at once. Technical Details:
  • jQuery
  • YUI Compressor
  • Bit.ly
  • InnoSetup
  • Apache Ant
  • Cloud storage load balancing
  • Gd
  • imagick
  • PDO MySQL for DB
  • Server-side API with most popular services
  • Version control systems GIT, SVN
  • JIRA bug-tracking system; GreenHopper plugin